Suo matter Complaint Case No. 68G72201:




No. 227 (3) /LP                                                                                                        Dt.7-2-02


              17.1.2002 Collector, Sonepur, Tahasildar, Rampur and lecturer of History, Rampur College are present. At the time of discussion, it transpired that the Puja Dungri within Rampur Thasil contains a large number of caves. According to the Lecturer of History there are ancient paintings inside the caves. He showed some photographs of the paintings. It is for the history lecturer and others interested in history and archaeology to make research and find out if there is there is some history behind the Puja Dunguri I am however, concerned for protection of the Dunguri itself from vandalism, it may be of stray cases. He however, confirms that if in future any vandalism Dunguri by blasting for lifting bolders strict action will be taken. In view of the above, the lecture in History is hereby advised to inform any further vandalism to Tahasildar, Rampur. The Tahasildar, Rampur should also be vigilant for preservation of the Puja Dunguri and should ensure that no part of it is leased- out lifting boulders. With the above observations, the enquiry is closed.

Sd/ - K.P Mohapatra

Lokpal, odisha

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