Professor (Retd.) Dr. Sadhu charan Panda

Ex-vice chancellor, Utkal University of culture Bhubaneswar visited Pooja Dunguri on 17 November 2000 as the then professor of History (PG-department of History) Sambalpur University and chief guest in “symposium” 2000 organized at Shree ram collage Rampur


Dr Pradeep K. Behera

Reader in History of PG department (Sambalpur University) Jyoti Vihar Burla Archacologist, visited Pooja Dunguri on 17 November 2000 following the same Programme (as above)


Dr Sadasiba Pradhan

(Professor and head of the PG Department of ancient Indian History culture and archeology Utkal University (Vani Vihar BBSR) and eminent archeologist (the then Professor PG department of History) Sambalpur University (vice president) Rock arts society of India and general secretary, Odisha History congress conducted exploration in Pooja Dunguri between 20-26 January 2001 with a team of his students from field archeology. He also visited the place along with Prof. Basa on June 2nd 2006.


Prof.kishor k.Basa: Director,Indiragandhi rashtriya manav sangarahalaya (IGRMS) Bhopal

Eminent anthropologist, visited Pooja Dunguri with  a six member team for exploration of the site on June 2nd 2006.


Justice K.P Mahapatra: Hon’ble (Ex)-lokpal) Odisha

Instituted a suo matter case (No-68G72201). Against boulder lifting from Pooja Dunguri complex and held camp court at circuit House Bolangir on 17 Jan 2002 for enquiry the case was disposed off vide his order No. 227(3)/ L.P.  Dated 7.2.2002 with instruction to the government officials concerned for protection and reservation of Pooja Dunguri complex.


Sri- Bhupinder Singh

Leader of opposition, Odisha legislative Assembly, Bhubaneswar

Ex-Minister, Tourism Govt’ of Odisha, Bhubaneswar

As the then Minister Tourism and culture, Odisha,

Sj. Singh requested the collector, Sonepur and director, tourism to take steps to declare Pooja Dunguri as a tourist place and to include it in the district broucher of tourism. He also required to provide a road to the site out of the DRDA Funds.[Ref; Memo No.289/MTC Dt.19-8-96

Sj-Bhabani Shankar Panda, Collector(Retd)  Subarnapur

Visited Pooja Dunguri on 24 October 2010 while in the office and initiated steps for declaring the complex as a tourist place Proposal to the Director, Department of tourism and culture, Odisha was sent.

Sj- Gagan Bihari Swain,Ex Collector, Subarnapur

Instituted the first-fever Pooja Dunguri Mahotsav Presided over a preparating meeting held in the Dunguri complex on 24/03/2012 the Mahotsav was held on the occasion of Chitra Purnima and the annual Dangar Yatra, on 6/4/2012.

Some Collector of undivided Balangir and Subarnapur District who took interest in Pooja Dunguri,

    (a) Sj. Rabindra Nath Dash I.A.S ex- Collector Bolangir visited Pooja Dinguri Complex with

    (b) Sj. Jena Saheb ex- collector Subarnapur visited the Pooja Dunguri complex 

    (c) Took photograph of caves, hill of Pooja Dunguri complex by T.V channel on Dt.13/11/1994 with general public of adjoining areas

Ranga Dhar Panda, Ex- Additional District Magistrate (ADM) Bargarh

Visited wrote a feature article entitled, and Pooja Dunguri (Odia) published in Divya Shakti’ 2004-05 Number.

Sj. Rashmi Ranjan Dash,Tahasildar, Rampur

Visited Pooja Dunguri many a times.Initiated steps to provide on approach road to the cult spot from the Oshakothi. He wrot a feature article and title “Pooja Dunguri (Odiya) Published Divya Shakti on 2004-05 Number


Sj. GB.Swain Collector I.A.S

Subarnapur District With SP Police Sj Dashrathi Naik and all District level high authorities visited the Pooja Dangar Chandlipat complex on precious Chaitra Purnima the Pooja Dangar Mohastaba which was held with great pump and ceremony for one day.

On previous Dushara Pooja of Orissa 2010 the E.T.V Channel Broadcast for Nine Days (NAVARATRA) in his exploration during Festival in Barnali Programme. The 2nd day the Pooja Dangar of Chandlipat came out in his screen through entire Odisha.

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