“Devi Chandalipaliyam Bhagabati Seyam Jaganmangala

Abhista Dehi Bhujangaharini Sive Naumi Tabanghri Dwayam“


{ Goddes Bhagabati of Chandli village, you are the benefactor of the world, the wish fulfilling Mother. Adorned with the garland of Snakes o’ better-half of Lord Shiva, I bow before your feet.}

            S. Rampur is an ancient village in the district of Subarnapur, ODISHA, it is at present a Tahasil headquarter. It is also the headquarters of the Canal Subdivision, with a PHC, Police Station, Farm House and Court of the JMFC. The place finds reference in the Somavamsi charters in the name of Arama Kataka.

            Rampur was an erstwhile Zamindari in the feudatory state of Sonepur, with its presiding deity Chandlipat. The original cultspot of the goddess is Pooja Dunguri located on the border of the Binka -Rampur Tahasils.

           The only one rock-art site in the undivided district of Bolangir is Ushakothi (21d, 02’, 90” North and 83d 41’98”East) existing in the hill complex of Pooja Dunguri. Rampur is associated with the Gandmaru of the early 19th century. the Dasahara Bali festival is observed in traditional way in the name of goddess Chandlipat .Another important festivity of the goddess is Dangar Yatra ,celebrated in the full moon day of Chaitra. A procession of the human representative of the goddess is taken in the traditional way from Rampur to Pooja Dunguri in a night-long celebration.

          Rampur is famous for the weekly Tuesday market. The market is more famous as a cattle market in Odisha and Chhatishgarh as well.

"TARAPURGARH REVISITED" By Rameswar Naik, Reader in History

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